Literacy Programs

Weekly Conversation Circles

Conversation Circle classes are free and operate on a drop-in basis. No registration is required. To join the Conversation Circle, please call Andrea Krombein at 778-668-3634 or

Please provide your name, email address and phone number so that you can be included in the Circle.  Your contact information will be kept confidential and never shared with anyone unless you request this.

Our circles are Multi-Function circles. This means that students learn a variety of conversation applications and are able to embed and immerse their English conversation skills into all aspects of their daily lives.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our Circles are held virtually via Zoom.  When it is safe to do so classes will be held in person again. In addition, Zoom classes will continue to be available for those who find this option more suitable.

Our Circles are suitable for intermediate and advanced speakers of English as an alternative language, as well as native English speakers. Circles are inclusive and accessible for everyone and for adults of all ages.  

Benefits of the Conversation Circles include:

  • Learning and practicing English Conversation in a warm and relaxed way.
  • We strengthen writing, listening and reading skills in addition to speaking skills.
  • Students share stories and information about their talents and their cultures.
  • Students meet speakers and visitors from many organizations in the community
  • Students can find volunteer opportunities, friends, and mentors
  • Students solve problems together and share ideas
  • We go out on field trips to visit interesting places
  • Students can also request private sessions and extra support at no cost


Andrea Krombein is the regular Circles’ facilitator. She is the Literacy Outreach Coordinator for the neighbourhood of Marpole. She holds a University of Cambridge Certificate in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and is a qualified librarian and journalist.

Adult education and skills

If you are looking for classes, learning opportunities and new skills please contact Andrea Krombein (778-668-3634 or for resources and referrals. Your consultation is confidential.

information and advocacy

If you need information or assistance on any matter, professional or personal, please contact Andrea Krombein (778-668-3634 or for resources and referrals. Your consultation is confidential.

Marpole Oakridge Family Place gratefully acknowledges Decoda Literacy Solutions for making literacy support possible in Marpole. Decoda Literacy Solutions is BC’s literacy organization, supporting literacy programs and practitioners as well as a coordinated network of literacy stakeholders in communities all across the province.

The Marpole Oakridge Family Place gratefully acknowledges that all of our literacy funding, making literacy intervention and programming in our community possible, is provided by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.