iPad course for seniors

Use the Internet and connect with your family and friends safely and comfortably. 

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iPad photo


  • Intro
  • Unboxing
  • How to create an Apple ID on iPad
  • Buttons
  • Basics: How to use iPad
  • Accessibility – increase the font size
  • Youtube and Gmail account
  • How to store your photos & videos on your iPad/iPhone
  • How to use camera on iPad or iPhone
  • Intro to iMovie




Technologies became an essential part of our life. Today they are everywhere!

The goal of this course is to strengthen your digital competence so you feel more comfortable and safe using the Internet to connect with your family and friends.

My name is Alexander and I’ve been a web designer and developer for more than 10 years. I’ve been helping large organizations and small businesses create better digital experiences on their websites, mobile apps, digital and print media resources.

I’m so excited and honoured to collaborate with Marpole Oakridge Family Place to share my knowledge with you and provide some guidance while you’re exploring an amazing world of web, video, social networks and much more.

During this course, we’ll be using an Apple iPad which looks like a bigger version of an iPhone but has functionality very similar to a computer.

With this iPad we’re going to learn how to browse the web safely, create and upload videos, use social media, connect with others and so much more.

I can’t wait to get started! Let’s go!


How to create an Apple ID on an iPad


iPad Buttons

iPad buttons

Basics: How to use iPad

Okay let’s learn some basics of how I pad works. We are on the home screen and the icons that you see are called applications or short apps. in the bottom there is a time section with the commonly used apps. you can edit and adjust both section according to your liking and your needs. These two dots on top off the bar indicate that’s my iPad has two pages off apps available for me. I can swipe with my finger to move to the next page.

First let’s look at the bottom bar with the most used apps. the screen icon is for messages. They are the same messages as in my iPhone and if I’m using my iCloud account they will be synchronized.

So let’s talk about how you can start an application. to launch an app you need to tap the icon and that’s it. in order to go back to the home screen just press the home button. however your application is still running in the background despite its not being visible. You don’t have to worry about it and you don’t have to close them or stop them. In order to see all applications that are running in the background you can double-click the home button. Double click means press the button quickly two times. let’s go ahead and do this. In order to close your application you can point your finger the application screen and swipe to the top. but I guess when you don’t have to do this.

let’s look at other applications at the doc. my second app with a compass icon is called safari. it’s a default browser on any iPad or iPhone. browser is the program that we are going to use to browse the internet. This is one of the most commonly used applications because people use this to serve different websites including probably the most popular google.com. Later on we’ll see how we can use set browser to surf on the web. My third icon is my music app next is a mail app. This is where I can set up my email. Next is an icon with a blue folder and this application is called files. on the right side of the dog you’ll see most commonly used or opened recently apps. remember that your dog may be different then mine because it’s very easy to adjust the apps, move them around, delete and install new ones. In general the apps is something that makes iPad as exciting as it is because they are usually created by people from all over the world are coming out every day.

Okay one lost important sing to learn about the home screen. when your screen is unlocked you can place your finger in the top right corner . however it’s important to have your finger over the edge of the screen. So I’ll say it again don’t place your finger on the screen but put it slightly higher so it doesn’t touch the screen and then swipe down. this will trigger an incredibly useful dashboard of settings. this is where you can turn on and off your Wi-Fi Bluetooth, lock and unlock the rotation of your screen call Mama adjust the brightness of the screen, adjust the volume and do some other things. I find it very helpful.



Youtube and Gmail account