Marpole Oakridge Family Place gratefully acknowledges the support of our funders:

The ministry recognizes that young children’s early experiences and environment lay the foundation of future health, success and well-being. The early years, a period of rapid growth and development from conception until age six, are critical for a child's physical, social/emotional and cognitive development. To support parents and caregivers of young children, Early Childhood Development (ECD) provides a range of programs and services designed to ensure children get the best possible start in life.

Maintaining a healthy, socially sustainable city is a priority for both Council and staff.
So it is important to give residents opportunities to interact with other members of their communities, and receive support and encouragement from community organizations and networks.
At the same time, community members need to enjoy safe, supportive, and healthy environments.

Gaming revenues benefit people and communities province-wide through gaming grants and other disbursements by government.

Decoda Literacy Solutions is BC’s literacy organization. We are committed to being a vehicle for individual and community change; a catalyst for a culture of literacy and learning for people of all ages, children, youth, adults or seniors.
Through a coordinated network of 102 task groups in 400 B.C. communities, we work with government, business and community organizations to achieve local literacy goals and to build vibrant and resilient communities, successful individuals and sustainable businesses. We respond to community needs, as well as emerging trends and government priorities.

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Marpole Oakridge Family Place also depends on the financial support of community members in the following ways:



Donate Now Through!Marpole Oakridge Family Place depends partly on financial and material support through donations. If you would like to donate to our Society, please send an email to  Donations assist us to continue providing quality services to the families we support and are much appreciated.  Donations can be made online on our homepage by clicking on the Canadahelps donation button. All donations over $20.00 can receive a charitable tax donation reciept.


Membership Fees

A membership for Marpole Oakridge Family Place is available for $10/year (Jan 1 - Dec 31) and provides access to many of the Family Place programs and services. Families pay $1 per family per visit at the beginning of each visit. Confidential subsidies are available for low-income families. For information, contact the Playroom Coordinator at